Favorite quote from ‘Hungry’


I still have a few chapters left to finish the latest book by Dr. Robin L. Smith, ‘Hungry: The Truth About Being Full’, which is an honest and raw memoir about her path, career, and learning to overcome some of the most difficult obstacles in life, but I already have my favorite phrase from the book, which has been attributed to  different authors and thinkers. Like the photo above says: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

So it’s something we can all think about. I’m sure we all have some things that drive us crazy, yet we continue to repeat them hoping that things would change for the better anyway.



Banksy’s ‘Sirens of the Lambs’

In today’s day and age, people are very insensitive to everything that is going on outside their lives so sometimes to get some attention from the public, you have to go for something truly different and original, rather than just shocking.

This is how the new project by the mysterious street artist Banksy could be described. Cute but sad stuffed shrieking animals, aboard a slaughterhouse delivery truck. There isn’t any real explanation by the artist or his team, but we can guess that ‘Sirens of the Lamb’ truck, which has been touring New York’s Meatpacking District for days, is a statement on the food industry and exploitation of animals. But instead of using Peta style communication techniques, Banksy choose a more ‘soft’ and even fun approach to this serious topic, which let’s face it, most people unfortunately don’t care about at all. As long as there’s enough $1 burgers for everyone, who cares where those burgers come from, right?

Don’t twerk your life away


Even though most people find pop & celebrity culture very shallow and frivolous, it can actually teach us important lessons about life if you just go beyond the glitz and glamour. Take for example the new queen of twerking and similar peers who believe they are pushing the envelope and doing something artistic and edgy when in reality they are just making fools of themselves in front of the whole world. If drugs don’t kill them (given that they like to sing about Molly and trying to get a line in the bathroom) one day they will probably realize that they got too much (fame, money attention) too soon in their lives. One silly sitcom is usually enough these days to launch a regular child to super stardom, who will later on try to rebel and act as an adult without really knowing what adult and mature really means.

So while for some people the real challenge in life is to learn how to deal with all the opportunities and abundance life has given them early on, for others it’s to learn to be patient and faithful. Therefore next time we start feeling frustrated because something we desire and have been working on for a long time still hasn’t materialized, we can remember that that’s just Life giving us enough time to prepare and get all the knowledge we need to experience in the best way possible all the good that’s coming our way.


Fashion Week and where the beauty really lives

From 'Ugly Betty'

It’s Fashion Week in Milan, and all around the world really, and as someone who has actually worked in the industry, I can honestly tell you that there is no other place I would rather NOT be than FW. If there is one industry where ego really runs the show it’s fashion. Those that get to go to the shows base their self confidence primarily on proximity of their seat to the catwalk, and those that don’t get the invitation still put on their best outfits, which resemble more Halloween costumes than fashion designs, and hang out outside the shows in hope some of the ten million streetstyle bloggers will snap a picture of them and they would instantly become the next Instagram sensation.

For me the people who work in and for fashion magazines are particularly interesting. Not only do they promote fashion trends, but through photography they try to impose a certain kind of beauty that is unreachable for most people. Not because it’s unique and rare, but simply because it only exists in Photoshop and similar photo editing softwares. If you could just see in person people who create this kind of false esthetics you would understand why they are not meant to been seen before or after fashion weeks. Editors and journalists who look like people you would never want to meet in a dark street at night, models who look as if they were literally dying, make-up artists who have the worst skin complexion you could ever imagine. These are people who are creating the concept of beauty today and making you feel worse about yourself with every new page you flip.

The truth is that Fashion Weeks, magazines or ads are no place to look for beauty.
The real beauty is effortless and natural. It doesn’t require fancy products, professional lighting or runways. It can be found almost everywhere if you look close enough. You could be walking down the supermarket aisle and encounter regular strangers who represent your concept of beauty, And one day you could even see your own reflection in the mirror and realize that all the beauty you need is right there. In that reflection and deep inside of you. And then somehow everything around you looks pretty. No editing needed.


Enjoy the funny video from the NYFW, by Jimmy Kimmel

Ignorance is not a bliss

At times we all have to interact and even work with extremely ignorant and frankly said stupid people. Needless to say, those experiences can be more than frustrating. But the good thing to remember is that those people will only have their ignorance and stupid thoughts in their lives. There is no greater wealth than the one knowledge and self-awareness can bring you. The more you know, the more you desire to learn. This is something they will never understand nor have, so let them be and enjoy your alignment with the divine source of intelligence.

Elevator mirror


When thinking about all the little things that we can do on a daily basis to improve our lives so many simple yet effective changes can be put into action that can make us almost instantly feel better. Because there is nothing more important than for us to feel good at all times. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep.
One simple thing most of us do each day as soon as we leave our apartments or reach desired locations is to take the elevator. It’s obvious how taking the stairs instead – unless you are coming from/going to 50 something floor – can be beneficial for our health. But there is also that mirror for last minute grooming and style adjustments despite it usually horrible light that magnifies our flaws and imperfections which are not even visible under a normal light. Perceiving a distorted and undesired image about your looks is not a good way to start a day nor to finish it.

So let’s try to break the habit of taking elevators when they are not necessary, or at least we can choose not to pay attention to the deceiving mirrors in those moving boxes.

What you resist persists

Photo by Brahmino. More photos on http://instagram.com/brahmino

Resistance: the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding.

Carl Gustav Jung (1903–1955) a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, once said “What you resist persists” and subsequently we could add that “What you embrace and accept changes”.

Nothing in life can turn for better unless you accept and make peace with the current situation, no matter how unpleasant it is. The more you fight it, the more it expands. So today is a great day to stop for a moment and think about the biggest issue you’ve been dealing with for a long time now. It might be a health condition, financial or career oriented, emotional or physical. Something that has never improved, no matter how hard you tried. Something you tried to run away from, but it always comes back to haunt you. Today you can decide to stop resisting and instead accept reality, or imperfections as they are without unnecessary emotional attachment. When the resistance stops, the fight with yourself ends. You win when you choose not to fight anymore. And that’s when the real change and shift happen.

When you set yourself and your thoughts free.

Welcome to my new blog

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Breathe in


During my recent yoga lesson, as we were finishing the day with a relaxing meditation one important concept spontaneously occurred to me. There is really no need to focus on the things we want to free ourselves from.  Negative thoughts, physical or mental imperfections. No need to work on those issues ether. All we need is clarity and constant focus on not only what we want, but what we know we deserve. It’s about breathing in and letting new experiences come into your life. Not about breathing out the old ones. Positive ideas can easily occupy the space of old and no longer desired thought patterns. That’s how we can place an order from the Universe’s infinite catalog and be sure that we will receive it when the time is right. As soon as the stars are aligned and people, places and circumstances shift to create the life experiences that we are entitled to.

Change of seasons/change of ideas


It’s already snowing in Milan, but officially it is still autumn. In my opinion, the perfect season to start the self transformation to whatever you would like to become. The falling red leaves remind me of our old and often negative thoughts that now finally we can let go. As they fall on the ground they remain quite visible for a while, even hard no to pay attention to. But with time they naturally decompose and all the remains get covered with white snow that allows us to start painting our future on this perfectly clear blank page. And when spring arrives, everything flourishes, colors return in a spectacular way and so our new thoughts and ideas become our reality. And spring is not that far away. Spring is simply a feeling of warmth in your heart. We can all bring spring into our hearts whenever we choose to.